Earth Collection

Nena B.


I've been looking through different stores and finally saw this set. It's really worth the price. the experience while sleeping was extraordinary.

Evanne M.


Awesome breathability, nice soft fabric and beautiful texture that looks both complex and simple at the same time. my kids and I love it.

Cindy C.


 was a bit skeptical of this comforter at first. All other products I’ve tried are still much too warm for me, but this comforter is perfect! I’ve been avoiding duvets for years because I could never find the right comforter, but alas, my search is finally over! If you run hot and need something that runs very cool, fluffy comforter you’ve been searching for! while still providing fluff and more warmth than a flat sheet, this is the comforter for you!

Jessa E


Absolutely love this duvet! It feels cozy but still lightweight. It seriously is perfection! Plus it dewrinkles so quickly, which is a major plus.

Hariet S.


I've been having the best sleep of my life after puchasing the earth collection set! It's really comfortable! I'm glad I found Home de Luxe